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Rock Art in the Alps - Arte Rupestre nelle Alpi

  1. VALCAMONICA Rock Art (I, 1996)
    one of the most important open-air Rock Art areas in Europe
  2. Mt. Bego Rock Art (F, 1997)
  3. Valtellina Rock Art (I, 1996)
  4. Alpine RA Screen Saver (2000)
  5. Western Alps Rock Art (I, 1996)
  6. Valcenischia Rock Art (I, 1998)
    Iron Age warriors and ethnographic comparisons
  7. Valsusa Rock Art (I - 1999)
  8. Maurienne Rock Art (F)
  9. Valchiusella Rock Art (I, 2000)
  10. Carschenna Rock Art (CH, 1996)
    concentric circles and horses (Bronze Age - Iron Age)
  11. Garda Lake Rock Art (I)
  12. Austria Rock Art (A)
  13. General Map
  14. Libri - books
You can find Valcamonica, Valtellina, Valsusa, Valcenischia and Maurienne also in EuroPreArt, European Prehistoric Art Online database. Please click on Italy map from http://europreart.net/preart.htm
Mt. Bego and Valcamonica are the two most important alpine rock art sites.
Regarding the quantity and the quality of engraved rocks we can't find any equal in the other alpine valleys.
In Valcamonica (regarding chronology see Dating and updating Valcamonica rock art) some 200-300.000 engraved figures are estimated to exist, while in Mt. Bego 35.000 engravings were traced (and counted). Engraved rocks are diffused in many other Alpine valleys: Rock Art in the Alps will provide step by step an archaeological online documentation.
Click here for an educational screen saver and slide-show to present the most important Alpine Rock Art sites, 57 slides and 18 maps (France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, 5077K to download).
Here also a general map.

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